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Apple Store Opens in West Quay - Southampton

Today saw the opening of the new Apple Store in the West Quay shopping centre in Southampton. Little did I expect the queue awaiting me.

Today saw the opening of the new Apple Store in the West Quay shopping centre in Southampton.

Not necessarily a topic you'd expect to see on the blog, but it is related ! The studio is in the final stages of converting completely over to Macs a process started 18 months ago. Over that time we have improved our workflow, quality and capabilities and some of that is entirely down to switching platform to one designed around creative people. They are very cool as well ! Also one of the photographers I have worked with in the past now works in the store and I wanted to go and say hi.

So with no wedding this Saturday I decided that a trip to the grand opening was in order. I arrived at West Quay with some 15 minutes to go before opening and after a quick walk saw the storefront which had been cloaked in black for some time...

As I walked up I could see a small crowd of 10-15 people standing to the side as the shutters still remained down, and then I saw the queue....

hidden between two advertising boards was a snaking queue that then proceeded to go down to the exit of the centre with hundreds of people in it, possibly already over a thousand ! Madness. I grabbed a bite to eat and watched as the first few entered the store to a big cheer and clapping, and then it was a very slow one-out-one-in controlled sequence which would have seen me queueing for probably most of the day for a look inside, with no chance to talk to anyone.

I'll be back over the next couple of weeks when the crowds have died down....

Posted: Sat - February 10, 2007 at 08:14 PM          
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